Who Is QuantaNova?

QuantaNova refers to a new era that harnesses the power of data in a quantum state to vastly expand the capability and strength of today's computers. Our patented technology and expertise come together to meet the unique challenge of securing data and protecting privacy today and in this new era.


Andrew Borene

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Milton Mattox

Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Engineering

Ben Poernomo

Chief Marketing Officer, and Vice President of Product

Ryan Polk

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Ron Coby

Vice President of Corporate Development

Loren Dealy Mahler

Vice President of Communications and External Affairs

Jonathan Oggiono

Senior Director of Sales

Board of Directors

Tom Wilkinson

Chairman of the Board

Anthony Ambrose

Lead Independent Director

David Chasteen

Independent Director

Sammy E. Davis

Independent Director

Zeynep Young

Independent Director

Andrew Borene

Chief Executive Officer and Board member